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Helping our neighbors…that’s what we do

It’s more than business as usual when you’re family-owned and operated. You don’t separate your personal life from your business life because it is personal. All Star Insurance serves families and businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area. The same communities in which we ourselves work and raise our own families. There is a level of pride we all share knowing that what we do helps to protect what matters most to our friends and neighbors. It is personal when you see the people you serve on a regular basis. They aren’t simply policyholders, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We believe that we have a responsibility to the Tampa Bay community, and All Star Insurance takes that responsibility very seriously.

Insurance is one of the few products you purchase hoping you’ll never actually need it. Conversely, there are few greater regrets than not having insurance once it’s needed. By providing personal service and effective, affordable risk management solutions, All Star Insurance company in Tampa proudly helps our community in a very real way.

We Work for YOU

One of the benefits of being an Independent Tampa Insurance Agency is the depth of service we can provide to our clients. Knowing the difference between an independent agent and a captive agent makes it easy to see why so many choose All Star Insurance for all their insurance needs.

A captive agent represents one insurance company, offering only the products made available by that company. Should your needs change and you require insurance not offered by this single insurance carrier, your only option is to find another agent. If your rates increase, it’s up to you to find a lower-priced option. All Star Insurance is an Independent Insurance Company in Tampa, Florida. This means we work with a wide variety of insurance carriers, enabling us to configure a risk management solution based on your needs rather than product availability. And should your rates increase with one carrier, our professionals shop for you among our vast network of providers to make sure you always get the best coverage at the best price. As a proud Independent Tampa Insurance Company, All Star Insurance is able to put the focus on meeting your needs today and tomorrow, no matter what might change.

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