Homeowners Insurance and Renters Insurance in Lakeland, St Petersburg and Nearby Cities

If you need reliable homeowners’ insurance in Clearwater, Lakeland, Land O Lakes FL, St Petersburg, Tampa, then All Star Insurance can help.  They are a family owned business and they are part of the community just like you are. They are independent agents and they work for you, not the insurance carrier. That is because they are independent and captive to a particular insurance company. When it comes to something as important as home insurance, it is comforting to know your coverage is reliable and solid.

Homeowners Insurance, Renters Insurance, Lakeland, St PetersburgHomeowners insurance will cover your buildings, structures and fittings against specified risks. Home insurance will also cover your valuables and possessions such as equipment, furniture, clothes, electronics and so on.  You will be covered for general risks such as fire, smoke damage, domestic water damage, accidents and burglaries. Homeowners insurance will also cover for liability claims.

When it comes homeowner’s insurance, there are limits and exclusions and you need to know what they are. There are limits on coverage and there are certain things that won’t be covered under a standard homeowner’s policy. Flood insurance is a good example of a possible exclusion. Due climate change and unpredictable weather patterns, flood insurance is more important than ever before. Most home insurance policies don’t cover you for flood insurance. You will need a supplemental policy. These days flooding can occur in places where they never had floods before. So make sure you have proper flood insurance. You also need to consider other possible events such as earthquakes, landslides, flash flood and so on.

Home insurance will cover your contents, but certain high value items may need to be specified separately. When you deal with a professional agent such as All Star Insurance, they will make sure you have the proper riders, endorsements and supplemental insurance in place.