Insurance in Central Florida

All Start Insurance can help you with insurance solutions in Central Florida. They are an accredited and independent agency and they come highly recommended. They offer a comprehensive range of insurance solutions including commercial and personal packages.  

Insurance in Tampa, Land O Lakes FL, Clearwater

Insurance is one of the few products you will purchase and hope to never use. It is also a product that you don’t want to be without should you need it. Insurance works because many contribute and only a small percentage claims at any given time.  

There are two main categories of insurance namely commercial and personal. Commercial insurance is also referred to as business insurance. Important business coverages include property damage, liability claims, and possible business interruption. These coverages are normally by an integrated package called the BOP (Business Owners Policy). A BOP does provide important coverages but does not cover everything. Some coverages not included are vehicles, workmen’s compensation, group medical, and professional indemnity. There are also custom packages for specific industries such as building and construction, landscaping, car dealerships, transporters, travel agencies, hospitality, and so on. 

The other main category of insurance is personal insurance. Important coverages include home, auto, health, disability, life, and travel. A common thread that runs through some personal insurance products is liability insurance. Liability coverage is a component within auto insurance as well as home insurance. And it is an important one since liability claims can run into millions.  

Whether you need commercial insurance or personal insurance of both, you want to deal with a trusted and recommended agency. That way you know you will get the best coverage at the correct price. All Start Insurance can help you with commercial or personal insurance in Central Florida.