Renters Insurance in Clearwater

All Star Insurance can help you with renter’s insurance in Clearwater, Lakeland, Land O Lakes FL, St Petersburg or Tampa. They are an independent and family owned agency and they work hard to find you the best insurance solutions available.

Renters insurance is designed to cover your personal possessions as well as your liabilities. Your landlord’s insurance won’t cover your personal possessions. A landlord’s insurance will only cober the building and structures and certain fixtures. It won’t cover your clothes, your furniture, your camera, your smart phone, your computer any of your other equipment. Your personal possessions are valuable and when you calculate the replacement cost it will probably amount to more than you thought. You want to be sure your insurance covers your valuables for replacement cost.

There are always limits and exclusions when it comes to insurance. There are limits for artwork, cash, computer software/hardware, jewelry and other high-risk items. If the value of any item exceeds the policy limits, the difference is an out of pocket expense for you. For example, if you own high value items such as jewelry, fine art or other collections, you may need to specify them separately. This can be done by way of endorsements and riders. Another important aspect of renter’s insurance is liability cover. Since you are the legal occupant of the premises, you could be held liable for injury sustained by others while on your property.

As a renter you face risks. There is a risk of fire, water damage, accidents and liabilities. Renters insurance is not expensive and so it makes sense to protect yourself against out of pocket expenses and financial loss. All Star Insurance can help you with all your insurance requirements, including renters and liability insurance.